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    Local Skip Hire in Plymouth

    Please call for cheapest skip hire in Plymouth and also the greenest Plymouth Skip Hire Company.

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    90% of your Plymouth waste is recycled

    We help to keep Plymouth clean and green!

    Plymouth's environmental friendly skip hire service.

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Choose Your Plymouth Skip Size


2 Yard
  • 20-25 Plymouth Bin Bags
  • 2 Tonnes of Plymouth Waste
  • Garden or Small House in Plymouth


4 Yard
  • 30-50 Plymouth Bin Bags
  • 4 Tonnes of Plymouth Waste
  • Builders or Clearances in Plymouth


8 Yard
  • 80-100 Plymouth Bin Bags
  • 8 Tonnes of Plymouth Waste
  • Large or Bulky Waste from Plymouth

14 Yard

  • 100-140 Plymouth Bin Bags
  • 10 Tonnes of Plymouth Waste
  • Enclosed and Lockable

Skip Hire Plymouth

Skip Hire Plymouth
Why don't you hire a skip from Skip Hire Plymouth, your local waste management experts in
Plymouth. We've been serving the local community for more than 30 years. Find out more
about our company and contact us today.

Take advantage of our skip hire services. Skip Hire Plymouth offer waste management at
economical rates. Locally owned and operated, our company has been providing
high-quality skips for more than 30 years.

Skip Hire Plymouth works with households and commercial clients to supply you with a skip
that is perfect for your project.
Request a service from Skip Hire Plymouth to hire a skip and learn about our waste
management services in Plymouth.

Dispose of your waste with our expert services. Skip Hire Plymouth are based in the Plymouth
area and have a wide range of skips available for your use.

Skip Hire Plymouth's skips come in a host of sizes for any kind of waste management
project. Hiring a skip is not an everyday event, so our experts will make the process
as simple as possible to obtain the right skip for your rubbish disposal needs.
Speak to our staff today and explain to us what you are disposing of in order to
obtain advice on what kind of container is right for your needs.

The key to our waste management is our waste/recycling plant based just outside
Plymouth. All waste that is collected is delivered here. Our professional team will do all
the jobs necessary such as sort, reuse and recycle waste. Skip Hire Plymouth do set
targets and at the last check our waste recycle success was 89%.

Plymouth Council Collected and Household Waste Statistics 2012/13

Total local authority collected waste 125,293
Household - total waste 109,509
Household - waste sent for recycling/composting/reuse 35,227
Household dry recycling/reuse (tonnes) 24,572
Household green recycling/reuse (tonnes) 11,656

Management of Plymouth Local Authority Collected Waste, 2012/13

Landfill 76,626
Incineration with EfW 0
Incineration without EfW 1
Recycled/ composted 47,621
Other 1,405
Total 125,293

Plymouth local council Selected Waste Indicators 2012/13

Residual household waste per household (kg/household) (Ex NI191) 634.15
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting (Ex NI192) 32.85%
Percentage of municipal waste sent to landfill (Ex NI193) 62.28%
Collected household waste per person (kg) (Ex BVPI 84a)  420.96

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